Berggrens brev som klargjorde villkoren för Roberts anställning/delägarskap i Göteborg Kex Fabriks AB

Den 16 maj 1888

R Cruickshank Esq.


4 Cecil Street, Paisley Road W

Dear Sir,

I Hope you had a good passage over and you found all at home well. The work with the fabric at Kongelf has now begun and we have now got a fine weather and summer seems at last to come. Upon your request I beg to inform on behalf of the Göteborgs Kex Fabriks Aktiebolag that you are engaged by the Company for 5 years at £300 Sterling and you have to have the house you have seen, the garden and the fields. You have to take shares in the company for 25.000 kronor – letters to be paid next month. On the net proceeds of the Aktiebolag you are intiltled to have 5 % tantieme yearly, but first 5 % interest has to be deducted from the paid up capital. Our other agreements you have tu fullfill, namely that you properly manage the baking etc.

Mrs B is still coughing, but Amy and Miss Boyd are better.

Hoping soon to hear from you I remain Yours very truly

C. L. Berggren