Roberts första brev till Berggren

Den 29 oktober 1887

Dear Sir

Mr Clarkson of Messrs Peterson & Co here, has informed me, that you intend building a factory for the manufacture of Biscuits in your City, and that you are in want of a Manager who understands what is required to erect such and is practically acquainted with the trade. I am nearly 43 years of age and have had 29 years experience and know the trade in all its branches, however Mr Clarkson will have informed you no doubt and that I shall be glad to go over and see you and arrange matters with regard to plans & the cost etc after seeing the ground you have at your disposal & also the scale on which it is likely to start the business. I will then be able to draw a plan and let you have a very close approximate of the whole cost.

Trusting to hear from you at your earliest convenience

I am Yours respectfully,

R. Cruickshank

4 Cecil St. Paisley Road W Glasgow